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PE-backed Belcan acquires Omega Engineering Services Limited

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Omega Technical Services, based in Wrexham, North Wales provides commercial catering equipment maintenance and repair services. Our fully hosted email services. Look professional using your own domain and let us handle all of the technical details of your email system. Omega Energy is a group of companies engaged in the exploration, exploitation and marketing of hydrocarbons, activities carried out within a framework of social and environmental responsibility, ensuring a sustainable future for communities and profitability to partners and allies.

At Omega, we lead in the creation of solutions in support of facility operations throughout government and private industry. We translate these solutions through our products and services in a way that is mutually beneficial to customer, company, community and environment.

Omega Industries seeks to leverage its expertise and experience to fuel the growth of electrical & automation industry. The company aims at growing aggressively in the focus areas, while at the same time, it shall explore new opportunities to be recognized globally.

If you are looking for a company to provide technical support for any problem or project, then Alpha Omega Solutions, Inc. is your one-stop for all of your IT solutions.

Omega Technical Services

With one-stop you will have more time to focus on running your business, and more importantly, more time to pay attention to your competition.

Omega technical services company
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