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rubykatewriting will back me up on this. he would hate everyone and everything, but there’s a startlingly zen rhythm to pulling out espresso shots, mixing the drinks, stocking the shelves - even if dealing with people is kind of the.

I'm hoping someone can help me and a friend out, as they were recently looking for a fic and realized that it had been deleted off of AO3.

It was called the bite that binds (the gift that gives) by rubykatewriting, who's seemingly disappeared. We were wondering if anyone had downloaded it and was. The latest Tweets from ao3 (@ao3org). For alerts from AO3 News, you're in the right place! For site status updates, check @AO3_Status; for tag news @AO3_wranglers; our parent project is @OTW_News.

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Blanket Permission to Podfic

Blanket Permission to Podfic is a way for fanfic authors to let podficcers know that they allow anyone to create podfics based on their writing. The idea behind the name is that a "blanket" statement, with or without caveats, 'covers' everything a person might want/need to know.

Rubykatewriting ao3 twitter
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