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Ready and eager for intellectual challenge? Sarah Lawrence’s curriculum is based on round-table seminar discussions and close collaboration with faculty on independent writing and research. Amherst College faculty are foremost authorities in their fields, yet are exceptionally approachable.

Our students work with them from their first year through graduation—and often beyond—to choose courses, conduct research and make career decisions.

Carnegie Mellon University's faculty, staff, students and alumni have earned personal and professional recognition in a variety of fields.

Nobel Prizes. The people of Lewis-Clark State College (LCSC). A complete campus directory of all employees.

Six Students Receive Fulbright Awards To Study Abroad

Includes faculty, staff, and administration. A t Hill, we are fortunate to have excellent facilities and resources, which provide an ideal environment in which to teach our children. But no asset is more valuable and important than the people.

The faculty and staff of The Hill School are truly inspirational. Many of these people have been associated with the school for decades; for others this will be their first year at Hill.

Sarah Lawrence's MFA Writing faculty members are both distinguished writers and devoted mentors. At the heart of our program are bi-weekly, one-on-one student-teacher conferences, in which our faculty engages with your work in depth, accompanying you every step of the way as you explore the possibilities of your art.

Sarah lawrence creative writing faculty
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