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Susan Hiller. Aspects of the Self

She felt that video was an ‘appropriate’ medium for this work because of its relationship to television. Automatic Writing,traps examples of Hiller's use of the eponymous technique--in which mysterious entities called the Sisters of Menon eerily appear to speak through the artist--in a tight, cruciform set of frames, fringed with typed annotations and legible versions of Hiller's scrawls.

Mar 30,  · Messages from Beyond: What’s Wrong with Automatic Writing? Posted on March 30, by Susan Brinkmann. Another famous automatic writer was Jane Roberts, a psychic and spirit medium who claimed to be channeling a spirit named Seth who imparted all the wisdom of the universe to her which she shared with the rest of.

The Sisters of Menon,was made while Hiller was working on her collaborative telepathy experiment Draw Together. While working on this project where she attempted to send images for friends all over the world to draw, Hiller was surprised to find herself the agent of automatic writing.

Get this from a library! Susan Hiller. [Susan Hiller; Ann Gallagher; Yve-Alain Bois; Tate Britain (Gallery)] -- "Susan Hiller was born in the United States inand studied and worked as an anthropologist before becoming an artist and settling in London in the early s.

Hiller's startlingly original. SPLIT HAIRS: THE ART OF ALFIE WEST Hardbound: 32 pages, fully illus. Publisher Text: Susan Hiller & David Coxhead, co-authors.

Susan hiller automatic writing authors
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